History of A Love Affair

History of “A Love Affair”

“A Love Affair”, A Tribute to Yolanda Greenly, is an annual show hosted by The Dancer’s Alchemy that combines song and dance in honor and memory of Yolanda’s passion for the arts.

Yolanda grew up in Minnesota with 5 siblings, one of which had special needs.  She received her B.S. Degree in Music from the University of Minnesota and her Masters Degree in Special Education from Saint Francis College in Indiana.  Her personal life was devoted to her husband, Le Monte Greenly, a professional musician, and their close knit family of 6 children.

In the 1960s Yolanda was asked to serve on President Johnson’s Job Corps Committee.  This decision was made after he and Lady Bird visited Yolanda’s classroom and saw the work programs she had implemented with her students and community businesses.

Yolanda had a solid foundation in the Catholic church and was the choral director at St. Vincent Ferrer Church in Delray Beach, Florida for 15 years.

In her professional life, her gifts and talents were devoted to educating children with special needs.  With music as her guiding force, she became very creative in her teaching style, which included singing, playing instruments, dance movements, and learning “one liners” to create whole productions with her students.  Anyone fortunate enough to meet Yolanda was embraced by her powerful charisma and love of life.

In 1991, Yolanda retired as Coordinator of Exceptional Child Education Programs in Palm Beach County and founded “The Conservatory of Arts” for people with special needs.  Yolanda was also one of the first recipients of the prestigious Dwyer Award for her outstanding achievements in education.

In 1994, Yolanda was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Her world, as she knew it, began to deteriorate but music and singing never left her soul.  When simple functions, like walking, eating, and bathing became difficult, Yolanda was still a “mover and a shaker” in her wheel chair.  The Greenly Family felt very blessed to have a facility like the Delray Beach Adult Day Center.  The staff kept a song in her heart with the many musical activities they offered.  They guided the family through the last stages of the disease with support groups and resources.

Yolanda Greenly passed away on Easter Sunday 2000. Many people miss this woman who brought so much love and strength to so many lives.  Yolanda’s spirit continues to touch their souls and memories.  “A Love Affair” pays tribute to Yolanda through song and dance while giving back to a variety of causes.